The Extreme Cutaway Collar Shirt

The dress shirt has been a staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe for a couple hundred years. Over the course of the centuries many variations have been tried and tested. Different collars have made their way on these shirts including spread, semi-spread, button down, wing and club to name a few. The shirt cuff also comes in a handful of types barrel (buttons) or double (requires cufflinks) being the most common.

Even in the 21st Century new shirt makers are popping up on the scene! I recently stumbled upon one based in Oslo, Norway called Dandy and Son. These guys have put a very modern twist on the century old staple, the extreme cutaway collar. This may be one of the most aggressive collars I have ever seen…and I love it! I had the pleasure of trying two versions from their inventory. Please find my review and lookbook below. Of course, I had to add my personal flare.

Extreme Cutaway Light Blue Shirt

The shirt is light weight and prefect for the spring and summer. The fabric is very soft with a high thread count. When dealing with high thread count shirts you have to remember they easily hold wrinkles. Again, the collar on this shirt is what sets it apart and above other shirt makers. I also paired this with the Dandy and Son signature 7 Fold Navy Silk Tie. This tie cut, folded and stitched by hand!

Extreme Cutaway Striped Premium Shirt

The premium shirts offer the same super soft fabric with a non-wrinkle treatment, this I am a really big fan of. The upgrade also features Mother of Pearl buttons to give it a high end finish and of course the premium extreme cutaway collar.

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Photography by Paul Sonola | | @photographerpaul_ldn





Casino Royale Tuxedo

Bond, The Kingsman, Idris, Timberlake and Specter...if you know pop culture you are aware these gents can wear a tuxedo. I hope your response to the age old question "do you have a tux?" is not "no, I can just rent one". I assure you, after reading this it won't be. 

First, why do you "need" a tuxedo? Most guys think it makes more sense to rent a tux because it's "cheaper". That very well may be true...but it depends on how you define cheap. When it comes to a tux my definition is, "an ill fitting, used, poorly cut, dated, sloppy, mess". I mean you wear a tux to formal occasions, typically a celebration. You wouldn't wear a loose fitting jogging suit to your best friends nuptials would you? It shows you absolutely have no respect for the couple being wed, yourself nor the attendees. This is basically what a rented tux looks like, a jogging suit with satin lapels. 

You can spot the boxy but droopy (from being balled up in a laundry bag countless times) shoulders on a rental a mile away. The sleeves are nice and wide for a proper baggy look...the associate at the store will tell you it's to ensure you are "comfortable while you dance". He will revert to this reasoning for the MC Hammer trousers as well. This couldn't be further from the truth. Your tuxedo should be tailored nice and trim, specifically for you. No one should be able to "borrow" it nor should you let them. I could go on forever about the pitfalls of renting a tuxedo...after you've rented say, three you could have purchased a half decent one! In sum...if you rented a tux for wedding season this year, make it your last. 

This particular tuxedo commands the attention a tux should. It's a wool and mohair blend that won't wrinkle easy...this an actual attribute for dancing. I suggest navy because black is vanilla in formal settings. Remember you want to hone in on your inner Harvey. Put it this way, you want to look so good people ask you where you bought your tuxedo not where it was rented . The Casino Royal Tuxedo is exclusively offered by Duchamp London.

Nike & J. Crew KillShots

Recently J. Crew and Nike went into the vault to resurrect their brainchild sneaker, the Killshot 2. I sadly missed out on this collaboration the first time around. I made a conscious effort to pick up a couple of pairs this release! After falling in love with the sneaker, I styled and curated a series of ensembles based around the iconic shoe. With production and photography by Robert Pauley, owner of Welthē Images we brought these looks to life. I hope you enjoy our #KillShotStory

Look 1 | J. Crew ArkAir Jacket

The statement for all of these looks is meant to be the Killshot sneaker, but the J. Crew ArkAir camo jacket steals the show. It can easily be dressed up or down. I paired it with a simple sweatshirt also from J. Crew along with suit separates from Bar III. 

Look 2 | Ralph Lauren Baseball Jacket

This spring everyone needs a baseball jacket. I am not just saying that because I played in college, it's really a great piece for your wardrobe. Another item that can be dressed up or down. Try it with chinos, joggers or even shorts. Dressed up, throw on a tie and some loafers or down, with sneakers and a well-fitting tee. I chose bright white joggers and a cotton/cashmere blend sweater all from Ralph Lauren. 

Look 3 | Bar III Khaki Suit

Come on there is no suit for the warmer seasons better than the classic khaki. Yes, you are going to have to embrace the wrinkles! You can wear this to the office buttoned up, with a business formal dress shirt, cotton tie and loafers. It can easily be dressed down with a tee (NOT a v-neck), light weight sweater or polo. This one is from Bar III paired with a shirt and knitted tie by Ralph Lauren. I added a blue pocket square to compliment the collar lining! 

Look 4| Hugo Boss Double Breasted Jacket

A jacket paired with shorts will remain a fashion conundrum. Some say it's a ‘no’, I give it two thumbs up. I mean, I wouldn't encourage a wool jacket with shorts...that just sounds a bit crazy. On the other hand, cotton or a cotton blend with shorts is a good marriage as far as I'm concerned. Everything doesn't always have to be from a runway designer either! I coupled this Hugo Boss jacket with simple H&M shorts. These shorts fit so well, I picked them up in every single color. Under the jacket is a cotton/cashmere sweater by Ralph Lauren.

Look 5 | J. Crew Vest & Sweatshirt

This look is summed up as very "J. Crew". A simple ensemble one might wear to a lunch date, a baseball game or barbecue. Sweatshirt, chinos and light weight vest all by J. Crew.

Look 6 | Ralph Lauren 'Cashmere Casual'

I call this look ‘cashmere casual’. Who says you can’t pair a sport jacket and sweat pants?! Hey, if sweat pants are blended with cashmere...I think you can wear them with anything! The jacket is 100% cashmere while the sweater is blended with cotton. Talk about how to Netflix and chill in style! All pieces are by Ralph Lauren.

Look 7 | Bar III Khaki Suit

The khaki suit again! This time with a cashmere/cotton blend sweater by Ralph Lauren.

Look 8 | Tommy Hilfiger Chambray Jacket

Prescription sunglasses are the way to go! I've never been so pleased with a purchase...thank you Warby Parker! Chambray is also a go to in the spring and summer; jackets, shirts, ties and even shoes...the whole lot. This jacket is from Tommy Hilfiger, fits well and has a pop of madras under the collar. I put it on top of a cotton/cashmere sweater along with another pair of my favorite H&M shorts.

The Iconic Mohair Suit

A three piece, single buttoned statement! Duchamp fittingly named this their Iconic Mohair Suit. According to the Oxford dictionary iconic is anything relating to or of the nature of an icon (person worthy of respect).

Any well-fitting three-piece suit commands attention. This particular number has a double breasted waistcoat with a shawl collar. This completely contrasts the wide, peak lapel jacket. These fine details separate this suit from the flock.

In some of the shots you will notice a slight sheen or luster in the fabric. This comes from its mohair consistency; the suit is 73% wool and 27% mohair. Mohair was originally produced by the Angora goat of Turkey and often blended with wool.

Given this suit’s unique color and flare I wear this three ways:

  • Business Formal – Paired with a solid button down shirt and a solid straight tie
  • Black Tie – Dressed up with a black or navy bowtie and patent leather shoes
  • Cocktail – Bright white button down shirt and no tie…done

Shop this look at Duchamp London.

Business Casual

Don't be the guy who shows up looking disheveled and sloppy..."business casual" isn't code for "wear whatever you want".

The simplest way to adhere to said dress code is to think “contrasting suit”. Just about any sport jacket with complementing solid trousers will do. It’s too easy to pull a pair of grey trousers from one of your suits and a navy jacket.

Try to stay away from jeans, pulling off denim is not for a novice. A pair of jeans needs to be cut perfectly to compliment a sport jacket. You don’t want to run the risk of looking like a soccer dad rushing to a son’s game from the office. Trust me, no one wants to be caught dead in a pair of “dad jeans”.  

Here, I am wearing a double breasted sport jacket, trousers and loafers all by Ralph Lauren.


  • Any appropriately tailored sport jacket with contrasting but complimenting trousers
  • A suit…ditch the tie
  • Solid Button down collar dress shirt
  • Any solid dress shirt with no tie


  • Any kind of Hawaiian or island shirt (REALLY?)
  • A polo shirt with your favorite sports team’s logo on it…sorry, not your Alma Mater either
  • Performance golf shirt or polo (you know what….no polo’s they are typically cut poorly and look strange tucked in)
  • Short sleeved dress shirt (YIKES!) 
  • Some kind of “going out shirt”
  • Wrinkled/washed chinos (these are for the beach/vacation)
  • Baggy jeans (just stay away from denim as previously warned)
  • Gym shoes (key word here is GYM)
  • Sandals or flip flops (you are grown man…you know why!)

I am afraid these are the basic rules of engagement; make your life easier and adhere.  In sum, if you find yourself asking “can I get away with this?” you probably shouldn’t wear it. You should not have to “get away” with anything.

The Grey Power Suit

Every gentleman should have a couple of solid grey suits in his closet. A lighter swatch that can be worn year round and a darker hue for the autumn/winter. At the minimum one will do in a medium grey...not too dark or light. 

The suit I am featuring is super light and I wear it year round. I get away with this suit in the winter with dark, wool ties. Conversely lighter silk or cotton ties in the spring/summer. I pair the trousers with any sport jacket, button down collar shirt (no tie) when I travel or attend an informal meeting. 

Finally, no matter how light or dark, you want to anchor any grey suit with brown shoes. I leave the style up to you...brogues, cap toes, monk straps, penny loafers etc. What I frown upon...better yet; won't a square toe. (Just donate your pair IF you own any and thank me later).

Suit, tie, shoes, belt all by Ralph Lauren. Shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt

Photographer | Robert Pauley III

WelTHē | The Fox Fur Top Coat

This coat speaks for itself! Everyone has to have a couple of statement pieces in their wardrobe…this coat by WelTHē will make some proper noise. A coat like this is an absolute killer. You will turn heads, stop traffic and command attention of a room. What makes this piece so unique is its handcrafted fox fur that can also be removed; essentially this is two coats in one. I paired this with a three piece navy suit and could easily wear this with a navy tuxedo!

Photographer | Robert Pauley III

The Glen Plaid Double Breasted Suit

The glen plaid swatch is a staple of class and royalty. Often worn by the Duke of Windsor in the 1920’s it was given the nickname, Prince of Wales check. Almost 100 years later the swatch still makes the same regal statement. Ralph Lauren’s modern take on this classic is a must have. It’s slim fit, has high armholes and paired with trim, side adjusted trousers. Still, any suit off the peg will need a certain amount of tailoring no matter the cut. As far as I am concerned, if you don’t take the extra step to have your suit tailored, you just look like a guy who doesn’t care. I had the both the jacket and trousers tapered. The hem I left with no break. Given the pattern of this suit is so bold, the shirt and tie combination should be muted. Surely solids worked best and I chose hues of blue to compliment the blue stripes in the suit. This suit it clearly dressy enough for the office or a cocktail party. It can just as easily be dressed down by losing the tie or pairing the jacket with denim. Suits like this will stand the test of time. Dress the hell up! Suit, tie and loafers all by Ralph Lauren.

Photographer | Lawerence Jackson