The Joker in Duchamp

Halloween is not a holiday I celebrate but this year I was in the spirit. What I do celebrate is the art of costume design and I’m fascinated to see it come to life on camera. My friends at Duchamp London provided me with a gorgeous dinner jacket and wanted me to do something creative with the piece. My creative instinct and love for fine tailoring translated to The Joker “gets dressed up”. A very warm thank you to my makeup artist (Denea France) is in order! Also, shout out to my friends at Welthe Images for their efforts to capture my vision on camera. Team work truly makes the team work!

We continued the creative flow with a motion picture theme of “principal photography” and a “coming soon” advertisement with the creative art direction by my fellow Tuskegee Alum Omar Dismuke.

Join us behind the scenes in this video produced by Jae Pascal; we really took this costume design to the next level. The creativity fully energized this shoot. You may ask why all the effort? I encourage anyone to give your passion projects 110% effort, it’s pretty rewarding to see the final product! I’ve left Gotham but my time in character was fun!