The Glen Plaid Double Breasted Suit

The glen plaid swatch is a staple of class and royalty. Often worn by the Duke of Windsor in the 1920’s it was given the nickname, Prince of Wales check. Almost 100 years later the swatch still makes the same regal statement. Ralph Lauren’s modern take on this classic is a must have. It’s slim fit, has high armholes and paired with trim, side adjusted trousers. Still, any suit off the peg will need a certain amount of tailoring no matter the cut. As far as I am concerned, if you don’t take the extra step to have your suit tailored, you just look like a guy who doesn’t care. I had the both the jacket and trousers tapered. The hem I left with no break. Given the pattern of this suit is so bold, the shirt and tie combination should be muted. Surely solids worked best and I chose hues of blue to compliment the blue stripes in the suit. This suit it clearly dressy enough for the office or a cocktail party. It can just as easily be dressed down by losing the tie or pairing the jacket with denim. Suits like this will stand the test of time. Dress the hell up! Suit, tie and loafers all by Ralph Lauren.

Photographer | Lawerence Jackson