Casino Royale Tuxedo

Bond, The Kingsman, Idris, Timberlake and Specter...if you know pop culture you are aware these gents can wear a tuxedo. I hope your response to the age old question "do you have a tux?" is not "no, I can just rent one". I assure you, after reading this it won't be. 

First, why do you "need" a tuxedo? Most guys think it makes more sense to rent a tux because it's "cheaper". That very well may be true...but it depends on how you define cheap. When it comes to a tux my definition is, "an ill fitting, used, poorly cut, dated, sloppy, mess". I mean you wear a tux to formal occasions, typically a celebration. You wouldn't wear a loose fitting jogging suit to your best friends nuptials would you? It shows you absolutely have no respect for the couple being wed, yourself nor the attendees. This is basically what a rented tux looks like, a jogging suit with satin lapels. 

You can spot the boxy but droopy (from being balled up in a laundry bag countless times) shoulders on a rental a mile away. The sleeves are nice and wide for a proper baggy look...the associate at the store will tell you it's to ensure you are "comfortable while you dance". He will revert to this reasoning for the MC Hammer trousers as well. This couldn't be further from the truth. Your tuxedo should be tailored nice and trim, specifically for you. No one should be able to "borrow" it nor should you let them. I could go on forever about the pitfalls of renting a tuxedo...after you've rented say, three you could have purchased a half decent one! In sum...if you rented a tux for wedding season this year, make it your last. 

This particular tuxedo commands the attention a tux should. It's a wool and mohair blend that won't wrinkle easy...this an actual attribute for dancing. I suggest navy because black is vanilla in formal settings. Remember you want to hone in on your inner Harvey. Put it this way, you want to look so good people ask you where you bought your tuxedo not where it was rented . The Casino Royal Tuxedo is exclusively offered by Duchamp London.