Nike & J. Crew KillShots

Recently J. Crew and Nike went into the vault to resurrect their brainchild sneaker, the Killshot 2. I sadly missed out on this collaboration the first time around. I made a conscious effort to pick up a couple of pairs this release! After falling in love with the sneaker, I styled and curated a series of ensembles based around the iconic shoe. With production and photography by Robert Pauley, owner of Welthē Images we brought these looks to life. I hope you enjoy our #KillShotStory

Look 1 | J. Crew ArkAir Jacket

The statement for all of these looks is meant to be the Killshot sneaker, but the J. Crew ArkAir camo jacket steals the show. It can easily be dressed up or down. I paired it with a simple sweatshirt also from J. Crew along with suit separates from Bar III. 

Look 2 | Ralph Lauren Baseball Jacket

This spring everyone needs a baseball jacket. I am not just saying that because I played in college, it's really a great piece for your wardrobe. Another item that can be dressed up or down. Try it with chinos, joggers or even shorts. Dressed up, throw on a tie and some loafers or down, with sneakers and a well-fitting tee. I chose bright white joggers and a cotton/cashmere blend sweater all from Ralph Lauren. 

Look 3 | Bar III Khaki Suit

Come on there is no suit for the warmer seasons better than the classic khaki. Yes, you are going to have to embrace the wrinkles! You can wear this to the office buttoned up, with a business formal dress shirt, cotton tie and loafers. It can easily be dressed down with a tee (NOT a v-neck), light weight sweater or polo. This one is from Bar III paired with a shirt and knitted tie by Ralph Lauren. I added a blue pocket square to compliment the collar lining! 

Look 4| Hugo Boss Double Breasted Jacket

A jacket paired with shorts will remain a fashion conundrum. Some say it's a ‘no’, I give it two thumbs up. I mean, I wouldn't encourage a wool jacket with shorts...that just sounds a bit crazy. On the other hand, cotton or a cotton blend with shorts is a good marriage as far as I'm concerned. Everything doesn't always have to be from a runway designer either! I coupled this Hugo Boss jacket with simple H&M shorts. These shorts fit so well, I picked them up in every single color. Under the jacket is a cotton/cashmere sweater by Ralph Lauren.

Look 5 | J. Crew Vest & Sweatshirt

This look is summed up as very "J. Crew". A simple ensemble one might wear to a lunch date, a baseball game or barbecue. Sweatshirt, chinos and light weight vest all by J. Crew.

Look 6 | Ralph Lauren 'Cashmere Casual'

I call this look ‘cashmere casual’. Who says you can’t pair a sport jacket and sweat pants?! Hey, if sweat pants are blended with cashmere...I think you can wear them with anything! The jacket is 100% cashmere while the sweater is blended with cotton. Talk about how to Netflix and chill in style! All pieces are by Ralph Lauren.

Look 7 | Bar III Khaki Suit

The khaki suit again! This time with a cashmere/cotton blend sweater by Ralph Lauren.

Look 8 | Tommy Hilfiger Chambray Jacket

Prescription sunglasses are the way to go! I've never been so pleased with a purchase...thank you Warby Parker! Chambray is also a go to in the spring and summer; jackets, shirts, ties and even shoes...the whole lot. This jacket is from Tommy Hilfiger, fits well and has a pop of madras under the collar. I put it on top of a cotton/cashmere sweater along with another pair of my favorite H&M shorts.