I opine on menswear, lifestyle, culture and travel to elevate your everyday life and mine to the next level.

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Let’s face it, finding the right look for that big interview, your work wardrobe, a cocktail party, first date or the night you meet her parents doesn’t come easy. Sometimes we need an extra push, a little guidance from someone. You don’t want to be that guy who isn’t a fit for the company, looks out of place in the office, who’s invite is questioned, doesn’t get a second date or worse yet, not good enough for their daughter. You want to be the gentlemen who gets the offer, who has a CEO presence, everyone wants to have a drink with, asks what’s for breakfast and parents hear wedding bells.


LifeStyle & Grooming 

 Maintaining an immaculate appearance extends further from the wall of your wardrobe. Health is wealth.

What to eat, where?

How do I stay fit?

Which fragrance?

Do I really need a tailor?

Is it okay as a gent to pay attention to my hair, skin and grooming products?

I will take time to review what encompasses enhancing today's  gentlemen.


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Design & Travel & Culture

 One thing I can not stand is a untidy household. It's insufferable to bear clutter, mess and disorder. I am a fan of simplicity, both where I live and when I travel.

Traveling breaks boundaries and opens one's mind. Take a trip with me! 

Absorbing culture keeps life exciting! I have been blessed to live abroad and travel the globe. But...the world is too large to see it all and lucky for us it's at our finger tips...let's trot together.   

A man's wardrobe should stand the test of time.


Do you ever look back and say to yourself "what was I wearing?". I surely have had those moments. Living in the mantra of 'classics always win' has proven wise as my style has evolved. As far as I am concerned, nothing beats elegenace.


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A trendy look is fine for some. I stick to what I know. What works for me.


When you hear the word 'preppy' only a couple things come to mind. Like it or night, the term hasn't change nor has this type of style. When i am 'dressed down' i still manage to reach for a sport jacket or a tie. It's funny, I have been reaching for the same garments for years. Call me old fashioned or have i found my niche?


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Modern Prep 1.jpg
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A historical garment that every gent should own at least one of.


You ever walk in a room and it almost feels like it's stood still and all eyes are on you? If you have not, get fitted for a tux and wear it to the next black tie event you're invited to. Enjoy the attention. It never. Gets. Old. Ever.



Wearing a suit doesn't have to be a chore.


Putting a suit on doesn't mean you are going to the office or starting your morning commute. You can wear a suit any time and or any occasion, it all depends on how you dress it up or down. Have fun with your wardrobe. Yes...it is okay to wear sneakers with your suit. 



Double breasted business and I mean business.


You want to stand out in any crowd? Add a double breasted power suit to your wardrobe. Nothing says no nonsense like a well cut, double breasted suit. The extra fabric and double enclosure almost feels like a coat of armor.


Ralph Lauren Double Breasted.jpg