"Style is the purest reflection of ourselves without having to say a single word" - Nick Arrington


Getting dressed everyday is one of the many joys of my life. I think a gentlemen's appearance says a lot about his character. If your appearance is tidy, one can very much assume you keep your life in order. 

My site is simply a story of what I think the Millennial Gentlemen or Dandy's lifestyle exudes. The excerpts you will read are simply my thoughts and opinion...after all,

I'm just... Nick



Nick Arrington

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My name is Nick Arrington; I'd like to invite you to get acquainted with the man behind the suit. 

I figured best to start with a short bio...that isn't written in third person. I am from Woodbridge, Virginia a suburb just outside of Washington, DC and was raised by a single Mother, who instilled in me a sense of self-image. There is a quote from her that I took to heart many years ago.

If you walk out of my house looking any kind of way...people will treat you any kind of way.
— Mother Arrington

My style has changed and evolved over the years as everyone's does, but today my style is pretty set...a modern day dandy. As a self-proclaimed style savant, I've decided to share my thoughts and services.